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Develop the size of your penis!

Our manual provides physical therapy performed by hand without the use of equipment, drugs or surgery to increase penis size by more than 8 cm! The results are observed both in length, curvature correction to the thickness of its diameter, will learn to ejaculate, hold the enjoyment until the woman enjoy!

Tamano and measures penis

There are five classifications in the length of the penis. After all, what is a normal penis size? Dick normal relative to the size is one that caters to men and their partner.
There are five classifications in circumference of the penis. To measure the circumference involving the penis with a tape measure and check that value is the zero mark of the tape.

Will control your ejaculation!

Practicing the exercises to develop muscle púbeo-coccygeal (located between the base of the penis and anus) presented in the manual you will learn to control your ejaculation, lasting much longer, giving more pleasure to your partner leaving her to enjoy many times she even ate cum accompanies videos showing how to increase the size.

Have stronger erections and lasting!

The development of muscle-coccygeal púbeo with increased blood flow in the penis, the result of the exercises will make your erections become more firm and lasting a few weeks.

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has more power in your orgasm!

When we have an orgasm púbeo-coccygeal muscle, which is primarily responsible for ejaculation, involuntarily starts pumping. Strengthening this muscle your orgasms become longer and more intense.


Our goal is to teach techniques to increase penis size male sexual potency and learn to control ejaculation, to provide you and their partner happy and great improvement in their sexual life together, leaving very mulhers mad with desire.

Techniques are 100% natural, do not rely on surgery, drugs or devices. Through physical therapy, which should be practiced hands, you get a great improvement in blood circulation in your penis, because of this and other reasons which explain in our manual you will get an increase of up to 8 cm in length of your penis, a large increase in its thickness in addition to correct the curvature of the same but leaving out.

But I will even increase the size of my penis, ejaculation control and correct the curvature as it is bent to the side?

YES, you can increase your penis size! Therefore you are willing to perform the exercises daily and have persistence. Do not expect a miracle cure, that will increase your penis from one day to another. But if you're willing to follow the exercises in a short time you will begin to see significant results in both the thickness and the length of your penis. The increase in thickness is usually noticed first. The minimum you should expect to start seeing results is one week, but as in any other activity here will not be of a sudden you will be able to reach its full potential. In a period of about 3 months you can already predict a gain of 2 to 5 inches, which depend on the frequency at which the exercises are practiced as well as its metabolism and potential for growth. All exercises in this manual are accompanied by a preparatory step, which is usually done heating and lubrication of the penis. Following this step correctly you can do all the exercises with great confidence, knowing that there will be any damage to your penis. When you get aroused, your brain sends a hormone that tells your body to send blood to great pressure to his penis that fills both the body and the spongy corpora cavernosa, stimulating pleasure receptors. This is called an erection. Your penis consists of spongy tissue that absorb and expand due to the blood causing an erection. Our exercises generate a tissue expansion, which also helps in vascularity (increased blood volume) of the penis. That is achieved by cell division. As the blood is forced on them, causes them to expand beyond its normal. The penis thus fix their cells as they divide and grow again, increasing, allowing his penis to collect more blood, and eventually expanding throughout your erectile tissue, resulting in a penis larger, more bulky vascularized and healthy. One of the great benefits of exercise is a marked growth of the glans penis (head) thanks to the continued use of our exercises which results in sexual stimulation more intense. The main exercise this book is a technique used by the Arabs to the increase in width and diameter of the penis. During puberty, young people were encouraged by their parents to practice this exercise, because a large penis was a symbol of power and status, and a large differential factor in female choice.

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